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 SCEDC Candidate Forum Series

Sessions Dates: September 14,  September 21, 
September 28 and October 5th.

This digital series will provide you with an opportunity to hear from and have a dialog with those looking to fill important roles throughout the region. Our series will kick off on September 14th and run through October. Sessions will take place on zoom at 4 PM each Wednesday during this period.  

The South County Economic Development Council is a non partisan organization and does not support or endorse candidates. This series is designed to foster a conversation about important issues in our communities. Helping connect our communities, residents, and businesses with community leaders is at the very core of what we do.  

We hope you will be able to join us for this very important series of discussions.

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Community News and Developments

SDSU to move its TV and film program to Chula Vista in historic expansion to South County

A conceptual drawing of the Cinematic Arts Academic Center & Library (Courtesy of city of Chula Vista and Chestnut Properties)

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As we endure the worst heat wave of the year – and one of the worst ever recorded in California – the Water Authority’s long-term investments in water and power resources are helping minimize the potential for blackouts.

Over the holiday weekend, we worked with Poseidon Resources (Channelside) LP to temporarily reduce water production at the Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant. While the plant accounts for less than 1% of peak energy demand in San Diego Gas & Electric’s service territory, Channelside and the Water Authority are committed to supporting electrical reliability while ensuring continued delivery of safe and reliable water supplies. We reduced water production at the plant by about 20% for three days, while making regular water deliveries from other sources.

Our partnership with Channelside is a reminder of the value of regional investments in cutting-edge technology and water supply reliability. Desal plant operations are nimble, so production can be ramped up and down in response to local needs. This flexibility underscores the importance of regional water supply planning, which allows us to activate solutions during challenging times.

The Carlsbad Desalination Plant is the largest, most technologically advanced and energy-efficient desalination plant in the nation, and it has produced more than 90 billion gallons of drinking water for San Diego County since operations began in 2015.

Starting Sunday, the plant ramped down operations, making an additional 9 megawatts of power available for other uses. We also are running our Lake Hodges Pumped Storage Facilities to generate 20 megawatts of on-demand power, helping meet peak demands, and we shifted our water treatment plant to a generator to free up another megawatt. At the same time, we have been working with our 24 retail member agencies to ensure they are informed about the need to look for potential load reductions and to be prepared for the potential of rolling blackouts.

In addition, the Water Authority and the City of San Diego are collaboratively advancing the proposed San Vicente Energy Storage Facility in East County, one of the most promising pumped energy storage solutions in California. Pumped energy storage projects are designed to store excess renewable energy from solar and wind during the day, and then discharge that energy when energy use spikes or renewable energy is not available. As proposed, the project could store 4,000 megawatt-hours per day of energy (500 megawatts of capacity for eight hours), which is enough energy to provide approximately 135,000 homes with power. Click here to learn more.

Thank you for doing your part to conserve water and power.

Sandra L. Kerl
General Manager
San Diego County Water Authority


Businesses can be rewarded $50 dollars each thermostat!  

Saving energy and getting paid is easy with SDG&E’s Smart Thermostat program. By enrolling, you help make a positive difference when energy demand is highest and keep the power flowing to all Californians. Plus, your business can be rewarded $50 for each registered thermostat.

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South County EDC Now Offers Business Recovery Loans and Grants

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Chula Vista 
Small Business and Nonprofit Relief Fund

Covid funding assisstance from city of chula vista

Are You Looking for COVID-19 Funding Assistance for Your Small Business or Nonprofit in the City of Chula Vista?

The City of Chula Vista in partnership with the San Diego Foundation is pleased to provide the Small Business and Nonprofit Relief Fund. The City of Chula Vista, thanks to funding from the American Rescue Plan of the Federal Government and local funding from the San Diego Foundation, is pleased to offer grants for City of Chula Vista small businesses and nonprofits.

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SCEDC Business Recovery Loan 

SCEDc is now offering $10,000 recovery loan

Do you have a Small Business in need of a loan?
 Are you looking to acquire new equipment or
adding employees?

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California Competes Tax Credit and Grant Program 

grow your business With a california grant

The California Competes Tax Credit (CCTC) and Grant Program (CCGP) are available to businesses that want to locate in California or stay and grow in California.

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South County EDC Intelligent Mapping

Get demographic data describing population, income, transportation, education, employment, home value and more.

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You are Invited to our
 Open House! 

We look forward to seeing you at our Members Open House on September 21st at 11:30am - 1PM at the SCEDC Offices.

This event is FREE to attend and a way for members and prospective members to spend time together. With all the amazing happenings in South County our members continue to collaborate and enhance the communities we serve. The South County EDC office is a place for convening thought and communities, so we hope you can stop by. There will be an informal lunch served while you have time to interact with other members.

Where: 780 Bay Blvd #204, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Please RSVP by clicking the button below.

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September 15, 2022
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