South County EDC Celebrates
Board Chair Transition


On the left President and CEO James O'Callaghan of SCEDC with Willie Armas - Past Chair. 
On the right Patricia Alvarez De Los Cobos sworn in as New Chair.

South County EDC celebrated the successful transition of our Board Chair from one fiscal year to the next. Throughout the last 12 months Willie Armas with US Bank has served as the Chair of the Board for the SCEDC. We want to thank Willie for his tireless dedication to the organization, communities we serve, and the overall health and wellness of our business community.

It is with great pleasure we also introduced Patricia Alvarez De Los Cobos with Energy Communications as Chair of the Board for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. This past year Willie helped coordinate the Board of Directors efforts as the South County EDC, like many organizations, emerged on the other side of COVID-19.  As the endemic phase has begins we have restarted in person programming holding a member get together, first two in person board meetings, and the inaugural Bination Forum. In addition to assisting with convening Willie has been part of the extensive outreach to our small businesses, supported as we secured new funding opportunities, and been a champion for putting actionable information in the hands of our businesses.

In the coming year Patricia will continue to be a tremendous force in coordinating Board efforts in outreach to our many partners, local companies, and of course the communities that make South County home. The 2022-2023 fiscal year is one in which we look to the new normal bringing enhancements learned through the pandemic and tried and true programming together to offer an elevated version of the SCEDC. With Patricia and the Board of Directors’ support we look forward to offering best in class service, support, and opportunities for all. As a region we will celebrate tremendous enhancements to our region including development of our Bayfront, investment in critical infrastructure, and amazing growth in resources available to the South County.

Please join me in thanking Willie for an amazing year and welcoming Patricia as she embarks in supporting the SCEDC, our partners, communities, and all who have interest in the South County. This coming year will present many opportunities for our community of committed parties to help support growth and prosperity throughout the region.  

For more pictures of the past event at Kimball Coastal Eatery Click Here

SCEDC Helps Small Businesses Grow
Loans and Grants Available.

The South County Economic Development Council (South County EDC)  has a variety of loans available to help small business get financing!
For more information on our loans please visit our website and fill out the forms to get started. Please  Click here. 

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Grant 2nd Round 

Apply for a small business grant from the County of San Diego.
 You can receive up to  $2,500  

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SCEDC Business Recovery Loan 

SCEDc is now offering $10,000 recovery loan

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California State Grant

grow your business With a california grant

The California Competes Tax Credit (CCTC) and Grant Program (CCGP) are available to businesses that want to locate in California or stay and grow in California.

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Community News and Developments

San Diego Association of Realtors
Hosts Envision South County  


On June 30th, the San Diego Association of Realtors hosted Envision: South County as a means of updating and engaging realtors in their association about all things South County Real Estate. The attendees were able to hear from Ray Major of SANDAG and Josh Ohl of CoStar with updates on the market and outlooks focused on housing.

SDAR put together a panel of community leaders from around South County to share the progress and developments taking place throughout the region. The panel was comprised of Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis of National City, Mayor Serge Dedina of Imperial Beach, and Deputy City Manager Eric Crockett of Chula Vista and moderated by Jim O’Callaghan of the South County EDC. Collectively it was great to see the projects underway to   a diverse set of new housing options within the South County as well as hearing how each City has been active in securing future investment in workforce and lifecycle housing.

While there are still questions on where the market is heading and how it will react to current external stimuli the participants received tremendous insights. There are so many positive investments throughout the communities in South County we continue to attract interest in all sectors. From the Bayfront development to infill projects throughout our downtowns, and investment in strong office products the possibilities are endless for the South County communities.


On June 30th, PSAR’s Global Real Estate Council hosted its 3rd Annual Builder’s Forum

Guest speakers included representatives from Mexico’s Real Estate Associations, CEPIBC and AMPI.  The event also featured major developers and the head of Mexico’s Multiple Listing Service, Omni MLS. The speakers provided attendees with information on their latest business opportunities.  After the presentations, guests had time for networking and enjoyed food and live music.  

The Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors extends its thanks to the South County Economic Development Council for joining us in fostering the creation of international business opportunities for real estate professionals.

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Click image to see Highlights from the previous LIVE Event!

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Otay Water District Activates Level 2 Conservation Actions 

In response to the extreme drought conditions impacting Southern California, the Otay Water District, in October 2021, declared a Shortage Level 1 Drought Alert under its Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP).

In June 2022, to comply with the State Water Resource Control Board’s Water Conservation Emergency Regulation, the District calls for customers to take Level 2 actions of its WSCP, reducing water use by up to 10 to 20%.

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Food waste Collection is Starting in Chula Vista

Food waste collection for Chula Vista single-family homes starts Friday after months of preparing for the launch of the service required under new state  rules.

California law now requires that everyone recycle organics. This means everything from chicken bones to a half-eaten sandwich to coffee filters must be recycled in green bins along with yard waste.

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Verizon Offers Affordable Connectivity Program

We’re keeping people connected by participation in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program. Qualifying households will be able to get up to
$30/mo off plans with internet access.

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Chula Vista will use grant funding to encourage accessory dwelling unit productions.

Chula Vista is launching a pilot program to accelerate housing opportunities through accessory dwelling unit production using grant funding it received from the San Diego Association of Governments, the regional planning agency.

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Mass Transportation Routes to make rapid freeway transit

On June 21, the San Diego Association of Governments, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, and Caltrans launched the three-year Bus on Shoulder pilot project. The projects allow South Bay Rapid buses to use select freeway shoulders along Interstate 805 and State Route 94 to bypass slow traffic during peak travel times between National City and downtown San Diego.

Fore more information on this please visit The Star News by clicking the button below.  

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Employment Opportunities 

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San Diego County has an open position for a Deputy Director

County of San Diego has a job opening for Deputy Director of Economic Development & Government Affairs! Salary range is $125,000.00 - $135,000.00

If this is you please click on button for more information about this amazing opportunity! 

If this is not you but know someone who fits this roll please pass along the link. 

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Webinar Training


Many manufacturers and designers are facing new challenges and opportunities in today’s environment of supply chain disruptions, trade embargoes, and advanced manufacturing.

During this webinar, CMTC and Blue Dolphin Engineering will explore these issues and provide answers to questions like:

1) How do you navigate product changes to limit disruptions to production?

2) How do you successfully “reshore” your components and products with limited impact?

3) How do you go about pursuing product improvement?

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